Academic Information

For students who are pursuing a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering (class 2020), please go through the handbooks carefully. #Handbook Part1 and #Handbook Part 2


Some frequently asked questions were summarized below:

1. How do I obtain a math minor?

It's relatively easy for an engineering student to obtain a math minor. Please see the details below.

2. How to I choose my electives?

To meet the requirement of the BSCE, you must take 27 credits for electives in addition to 9 credits for the CEE senior electives. Details can be found from the website below. I also summarized everything in this hand out #here.


For students who are pursuing a master degree in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (WREE), please go through the information on the website below carefully,


Upon reviewing the program flyer with respect to the degree requirement and course list, students should complete a plan of study and submit to Prof. Xu for approval. Each semester, you will also need a registration PIN from Prof. Xu during the open enrollment period. 


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For students who are interested in a Ph.D. degree in Engineering, detailed information can be found from the website below,


Please note that the degree will be in engineering but you must choose a concentration area, for instance, WREE. The typical completion time for a Ph.D. student who has already obtained a master degree is 3-4 years.